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For patients over 45 years old, we would recommend a blood pressure reading at least every 5 years.

If you have not had your blood pressure checked for a while, please do make an appointment at our Blood Pressure clinic.


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Patient Services Online

You can now manage your appointments and prescriptions online with our Patient Online Services. Please click here for more information and how to register.


Registration Closure Period

The practice is currently closed to new patient registrations of both a permanent and temporary status.
Emergency / necessary care: The practice will, of course, continue to see any patient or non-patient requiring immediate and necessary care. We will provide a clinical assessment for these patients/visitors and advise accordingly.

Bloods Clinic
Please note that the morning phlebotomy clinic in the morning will move from a drop-in to booked appointments only starting Monday 13th March. You should only need to book an appointment at the blood test clinic if the doctor has instructed you to do so, or you are due for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) review.  Nurse will no longer take bloods unless they have been approved by a GP.